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Today the firms have to whether to do with an unbelievable quantity of data, whose simple harvest is not enough. To get precious information and to increase the results, must succeed in gathering all of your data and to allow every consumer to explore them according to its own necessities.

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The webinars Talks4Innovations will help you to discover as reality similar to yours has been able to transform the proper business through a best use of the disposition information.

Blue BI introduces a case of GeoAnalytics realized for a working client in the manufacturing sector; participating in the webinar you will discover as this firm has been able of the decisions and the activities of strategy, communication, promotion, sale and distribution to make through the implementation of systems of Business Analytics more effective that they foresee the use of the cartographic dimension integrating the information on space and territory.

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Geomarketing: the case of a strategic choice.

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