BBI for BigData

BBI x BigData is the Blue BI offer to those organizations that want to take advantage of the huge potential of strategic information that can be extracted in real time from the collection, management and analysis of Big Data.

The massive and multi channel usage of the digital technologies, together with the establishment of paper and processes dematerialisation, clearly shows how many important insights can be obtained today from Big Data.

Big Data is a set of data so extended  in terms of volume, velocity and variety to require specific technologies and analytical methods to get a strategic value from them. Exploring and analyzing the Big Data allows to get additional information and powerful insights compared to those obtainable with small data series or traditional technologies, such as relational databases.

Through Big Data is possible to make use of complex models of predictive analysis on heterogeneous data set, that is not related to each other, to reveal relationships and dependencies  or to perform predictions of outcomes and behaviors, helping for instance to develop an advertising campaign or benchmark analysis of services, products or customers.

Big Data is also usually associated with the Social Media Analysis technique based also on unstructured information (e.g. text analysis, text mining, profiling and polarisation) and with the Internet of Things, where the huge amount of data sets,  increasingly gathered in realtime from information-sensing devices, can be used for insight analysis in different fields of application.

Blue BI has developed in these contexts some innovative projects, such as for instance  Social Multichannel CRM and Predictive Maintenance of industrial equipments.

With the establishment of the Cloud computing paradigm, as well as the reduced TCO of Big Data management solutions available today in the market, make Big Data accessible to a wider range of businesses in different industries that today can image the possibility to collect and analyze information that were before dropped, also because basically considered too expensive to be kept.

Blue BI with BBI x BigData has developed its own proposition based on the adoption of specific technologies and expertises gained in several Big Data projects.

The reference technology platforms are:

IBM Netezza: datawarehouse appliance integrating database, advanced analytics, server and storage, creating an MPP (Massive Parallel Processing) environment with a low TCO thanks to the ease of implementation and maintenance.

SAP HANA: In-Memory, column-oriented and  relational database platform for processing high volumes of data in real time.

GOOGLE BIG QUERY: analytics technology for Big Data management based on the Google Cloud Platform which effectively integrates the most common Bid Data tools (Talend, Hadoop, MapReduce, Big Query, BIME, Tableau, ..)


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