BBI for GeoMarketing

BBI x GeoMarketing is a predefined solution born to give value to the common analysis with a geographic (or cartography) dimension.

The methodology of cartography analysis, together with the powerful tools available today, allows an easy deployment within the organizations and an immediate return at the operational level. 
BBI x GeoMarketing is easily usable as pilot or productive environment by means of a specific and complete virtual appliance.

It disposes of a Geographic Information System (GIS) and is available with Google Maps and other interfaces. It is integrated with BI tools such as SAP Business Objects, Qlik and Oracle BI, but it also easily integrable with any BI Web-based application thanks to a communication protocol developed by Blue BI.

The functional features of BBI x GeoMarketing, adaptable and extendible for any specific requirement, are the following:

  • Customized dimension of analysis: e.g. Sales or territory multilevel organization, delivery-to, invoice-to party, agencies, products, time, master attributes etc.
  • Administrative or custom territories: e.g. Zip Code and/or Brick-Microbrick or specific aggregation (polygons)
  • Unlimited number of KPI’s: sales, visits, qualitity and quantity indexes, etc.
  • Usage of conditioned signals for territories and or info points, with classic red-yellow-green semaphores or others
  • Bidirectional navigation from BI to GeoMkt and viceversa
  • Drill up e down navigation on maps
  • Info point  with:
    • Variable report list
    • Any specific or graphic information, table and or variable
    • Contextual report on the info point
  • User profiling  and SSO administration
  • Cartography research on a given range
  • Availability on Mobile devices
  • Integration with GPS navigation  sytems
  • External data source integration: D&B, IMS, Nielsen, market research, etc.
  • Integration with legacy systems (e.g. CRM)
  • Isochronous  functions (es. market penetration analysis):
    • An isochronous is curve that connects on a map the points with the same time distance accessible by walking, by car or public tranportation from a given different point
    • This function allows to determine the area of potential attraction of a sales point or a shopping center, corresponding to the time or distance that a customer is willing to spend to reach it
    • At each isochronous is possible to link values about population, families, potential customers etc., positioned inside, and so evaluating the potential of a new selling point. By combining the isochronous of all selling points, the territorial coverage can be evaluated and the uncovered areas determined
    • Overlapping the isochronous of the existing selling points and the corresponding customer locations (resulting for instance from the fidelity cards or warranties) is possible to evaluate the attraction capability the overall catchment area.
  • Geo-Fencing funcion and integration with commercial strategies
    • Advertising and/or promotions and/or notices and /or proximity services
    • Marketing can customize and set up services even with social media integration to better promote its own presence and maximize the sales of its product/services


BBI x GeoMarketing: architecture