BBI for KPI Management

BBI x KPI Management is a suite of tools and methodologies enabling a quick implementation of a performance management environment, based on measures like scorecards, KPI’s, index tables and the related management over the time.

BBI x KPI Management is the summary of activities and competences gained in different business contexts, both functional and industry specific, with the purpose to supply the market with a modular, scalable and fast to deploy solution.

The main objective of BBI x KPI Management is  to translate the business strategies into performance management system, based on Key Performance and Key Process Indicator, able to provide a consistent decision-making control system and at the same time an operational tool for strategic planning, by leveraging the internal and external data.

In BBI x KPI Management has been collected and packaged the set of requirements and functionalities generally requested and necessary to many of the finance and operation entities faced.

The outcome is a collection of predefined analytic models ready to use and easily adaptable and extendible accordingly with specific needs. This solution is also indipendent from the software platforms.


BBI x KPI Management is based on Key Perfomance & Process Indicators, both quantitative and qualitative, useful to any decision level. The management may define for each organization level and function the corresponding performance indicators, objectives and tolerance thresholds.

KPI hierarchies with weights and the relative synthetic indicators can be created. For more complex organizations may be necessary to have available specific top-down processes with best-worst cases definition, even possibly following the BSC (Balanced Scorecard) methodology directions.

This solution meets all these needs with an easy implementation approach using SAP Business Objects, Oracle BI and QlikView.


BBI x KPI Management is performing the following features:

  • Quantitative and qualitative KPI definition, with weights and hierarchies
  • BSC methodology support
  • Scenario definition by objectives: worst case, best case, ecc …
  • Calendar / Fiscal year definition , with different customized aggregations
  • KPI precalculation engine, to assure adequate performances
  • Excel interface for massive data input for quantitative and qualitative KPI’s when the indicator is not structured or just not available, as an example a KPI about the company reputation or external market/industry assessments
  • Strategic Planning, top-down, scenario simulation (WIP)
  • Web interface with BI integration for the Strategic Planning (WIP)
  • Notes and links management to support the collaboration on objectives
  • Mobile devices extension
  • Income statement by KPI, signifcant indicators as an example launch initiatives or specific projects
  • Authorization level definition
  • Representation of the data with georeferencing  tools


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