A ChatBot is a software whose purpose is to conduct a text or voice conversation; it is a service, guided by rules, artificial intelligence and machine learning; it interacts with it through a chat interface and can have countless purposes, from functional to playful and can be integrated into any software. Provides an interface that is called the“Conversational User Interface”, making use of Natural Language processing capabilities.


BBI for Pharma

The main objective of BBI x Pharma is  to translate the business strategy of a pharmaceutical organization into a Key Performance and Key Process Indicator analytic system, leveraging  on the company data and transforming them into a decision-making support tool.

BBI x Pharma is the result of several and diversified project experiences in the pharmaceutical industry gained during the years.


BBI for Mobile

Following the paradigm  “BI AnyTime & BI AnyWhere”, Blue BI has developed different solutions that make available the company information assets on mobile devices.

BBI x Mobile has the scope to provide users of each role and position with the right mobility tool to Analyze, share and decide wherever they are. (altro…)

BBI for GeoMarketing

BBI x GeoMarketing is a predefined solution born to give value to the common analysis with a geographic (or cartography) dimension.

The methodology of cartography analysis, together with the powerful tools available today, allows an easy deployment within the organizations and an immediate return at the operational level.  (altro…)

BBI for BigData

BBI x BigData is the Blue BI offer to those organizations that want to take advantage of the huge potential of strategic information that can be extracted in real time from the collection, management and analysis of Big Data.

BBI for KPI Management

BBI x KPI Management is a suite of tools and methodologies enabling a quick implementation of a performance management environment, based on measures like scorecards, KPI’s, index tables and the related management over the time.


BBI for CPM (Professional Services)

BBI x CPM Professional Services is a comprehensive CPM (Corporate Performance Management) system specific for service providers , focused on the project/order controlling through the analysis of profitability, chargeability and many typical KPI’s. (altro…)

BBI for Cost Monitor

BBI x Cost Monitor is  a cost controlling tool suitable for any business function/unit or area (Sales, Purchasing, IT, General services ,…). (altro…)