A ChatBot is a software whose purpose is to conduct a text or voice conversation; it is a service, guided by rules, artificial intelligence and machine learning; it interacts with it through a chat interface and can have countless purposes, from functional to playful and can be integrated into any software. Provides an interface that is called the“Conversational User Interface”, making use of Natural Language processing capabilities.

The evolution of the ChatBot has undergone substantial changes over time:

  • From Chatbot to Actor: Search for key phrases in text or speech and based on this gives output of programmed responses. The main effort that is made in these bots is to make fun of the programmed responses so that you want to continue the interaction;
  • The assistant: restricts the scope to specific activities that can be represented in modules. It consists of two sets of rules, the first search key phrases, the second identifies the parameters of the module. Used to order pizza or book a table at the restaurant;
  • Speaking Encyclopedia: no longer requires a default form but performs a semantic parsing therefore interprets word by word. Used for weather forecast or to search for Chinese restaurants;
  • The Historical Chatbot: in the previous levels the concept of connection between sentences is totally missing. Builds a representation of intent word by word (semantic parsing), maintains the conversation historian and uses it to better understand requests;
  • Chatbot collaborator: the chatbot is able not only to execute the requested task but also to suggest to the user the best possible choice at that time;
  • Chatbot helper: similar to a human adviser, inspired by the film «HER»;
  • Digital Twin.

But what are the advantages of chatbot? Let’s see them together:

  • Availability 24/7;
  • Improvement of the user experience;
  • Greater involvement of users;
  • Cost reduction by optimizing the number of operators;
  • Very good marketing tool.

In the near future we will all have a Digital Twin, it will be natural to talk with a device: TV, Fridge, Mobile for example, as with a generic service!

Chatbot & Business Intelligence, a perfect combination: integrate it to your information heritage, any kpis, any raw or structured data will be within click, within easy reach of interaction in natural language.
To optimize the interaction with the user we have developed some functions that continuously update the dialogue according to the dimensions and sizes present: Real Time versus Right Time.
It is possible to request a single value, for example turnover for a specific year or the quantity sold of a given product, also asking the assistant to limit the result, normal selection/filter criterion within BI.

Some functions in our solution:

  • Data Mart list available;
  • Available size list;
  • List of available sizes;
  • List possible values inside a dimension;
  • Searching for a word within the values of a dimension;
  • Responsive formatting;
  • Punctual answer to questions of Business Intelligence;
  • Data segregation management as in Business Intelligence environment;
  • Integration with predefined analysis environments, DrillThrough;
  • Integration with existing helpdesk functionality;
  • Integration with operating manuals, documents;
  • Integration with online manuals, web;
  • Integration with video pills;
  • Trace user activity, audit;
  • Send chatbot reply via email.

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