Your personal assistant made in Blue BI.
Your Digital Twin.

I introduce myself

Hi! my name is ChatBlue! I am a software whose purpose is to conduct a text or voice conversation to solve your most common problems and respond to your needs. I am the most widespread form of artificial intelligence today, Natural Language Processing. I can interact with you through a simple chat or social or web interface, etc ... You can train me for countless purposes and I can be integrated into any software.

Some Benefits

  • It reduces manual processes by at least 40%, and everything always remains digitized for future consideration

  • Reduction of human intervention by up to 70% in the HelDesk area, improving the level of service and activating human support only when really necessary

  • It supports users with 24×7 and multilingual service guarantee

  • Excellent user experience that can be integrated into any touchpoint, service or application

  • Integration with any Business Intelligence platform, formulate business questions and receive the answer in natural language

  • FAQ and Procedures. Turn 100% into actionable information

  • Free time, the bot also works proactively, you can imagine and design new business scenarios



They support users by relieving help desks up to 70%. 24×7 and multilingual. They guide users in the correct use of corporate applications, inside or outside the company.

And … chatbots remember all manuals and procedures, they forget nothing.

Self Service BI

Browse data and analyze performance in natural language by interacting with the service.

Key KPIs but also simple measures or requests for business analysis dimensions can be provided via bots.

Digital Automation

Campaigns, websites, products and applications in general can integrate and innovate thanks to chatbot support.

Insert the chatbot service into your touchpoints.


Proactive chatbots. They can take action to report and notify business events. Activate complex or less complex decision-making processes with the support of Advanced Analytics, predictive models and AI in general.

Measure reliability with the % Mismatch Answers KPI

ChatBlue provides a series of KPIS and Dashboards to constantly monitor the level of service.
In particular, the percentage KPI of “Mismatch Answer” over time must tend towards zero

ChatBlue Q&A management is supported through:


It allows you to create the conversational interface and to configure and/or manage conversations with users.

Imagine managing the dialogue between user and service as if it were a normal conversation between users inside or outside your company without time or language limits.

Text Analytics

We use Text Analytics and Text Minig to identify and provide the exact answer to the user by extrapolating it from a text body or section of it and indicating the direct link to the documentation.

Imagine being able to enhance any document in Word, PDF, TXT, etc … format to extract content and make it available to users.

Use Case BI scope, functionality:

  • Available Mart Data List
  • Available sizes list
  • Available sizes list
  • List of possible values ​​within a dimension
  • Search for a word within the values ​​of a dimension
  • Responsive formatting
  • Timely answer to Business Intelligence questions
  • Data segregation management as in the Business Intelligence environment
  • Integration with predefined analysis environments, DrillThrough
  • Integration with existing Help Desk functions and email sending
  • Integration with operating manuals, documents
  • Integration with online manuals, web
  • Integration with video pills
  • Proactive conversation, notifications and alerts based on business needs or evidence
  • Trace user activity, for audit and adoption


Use Case Help Desk scope, functionality:

  • Application malfunction support
  • Support for internal requests
  • Support for internal procedures
  • Integrations with documents and / or manuals
  • Automating manual operations
  • Quick and immediate management of problems whose resolution is provided through an internal ticketing system
  • Optimization of ticketing procedures
  • Potential replacement of internal ticketing system
  • Providing general instructions or information
  • 24/7 support and rapid response in multilingual
  • APIs interfacing with third-party services and applications

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