logoChemtexAcquired from Mitsubishi in 2004 by the italian group Mossi & Ghisolfi, Chemtex is specialized in planning and design of chemical and oil plants, with headquarters in China and India.


Projects carried out

DWH SPMAT Analytic reporting
The project has been implemented in the SAP BW 7.01 environment, with the aim of mapping, for each Chemtex company worldwide, the whole procurement process and unify it into a unique Data Model within the BW datawarehouse.
The reference Project System application and data source is Smart Plant Material from Intergraph.
Two types of reports have been provided using the SAP Bex Analyzer tool:

 Specific for each single step of the procurement process (Bill of Material, Purchase Order , Delivery,…. )

  Comprehensive work in progress analysis of the project, based on the overall procurement process

All reports have been unified in english for each country. A specific data slicing has been also provided in order to secure the information access at user, project and report level.