About us

Blue BI is a young company founded in 2011 by a group of professionals with a deep expertise in the Business Intelligence & Analytics field.

We have a qualified team with a long standing experience in several business functions as well as a specific IT expertise, each one enthusiast about Business Intelligence and fully convinced on its strategic value to help all the organisations to improve their performances.

Blue BI is specialized in the design, development, implementation and maintenance of the following areas:

Business Intelligence & Business Analytics

Data Warehousing

Corporate Performance Management

and keeping in consideration in the meantime their distinguishing components:
Industry Sector
Organisation and Processes
Information Technology
Human Capital

Blue BI can offer an ideal mix of business, functional and technological skills to introduce efficient and innovative decision making solutions within the organisations to better evaluate the business performances.  Blue BI has also developed a collection of Business Intelligence ready-to-go solutions that enable a quick and cost effective adoption. This, combined with our wide and deep expertise, allows a flexible, scalable and results-driven approach.

Our numbers:

    Customers: >30

Offices: Milan, Turin and Rome
 Technology Partners:  8
 Consultants: >30