Life Sciences Event

Great success for the event organized by Blue BI developed last 8 June.

The actuality of the theme “Big data e analytics a supporto del Market Access e misurazione delle performance nel settore Life Sciences”, united to the program contents’, have resulted a numerous share and an evident interest on the treated matters.

During the event have been illustrated some of the formalities with which Big Data and Analytics can support the process of digital transformation and to produce value for the enterprises in the sector Life Sciences, particularly in Market Access and the Marketing areas.

The different actions inside the program have furnished a panning on the evolution of the market, methodologies of analysis, tools, application examples and finally bringing the testimony of cases concrete project introduced by two important pharmaceutical firms, Abbott and Angelini.




In front of a stage of over 60 people, the different chairmen are alternated that have introduced and deepened the followings matters:


To define, to measure and to communicate the economic value of the medicine in the optics of the Market Access.

Prof. Giorgio L. Colombo, University of the studies in Pavia.

The digital era in the sector Life Sciences: as to create value from the explosion of the data.

Dott. Francesco Rainini, SAS.

Tools, competences and experiences in circle Analytics. The innovation from the Big Data to the Real World Evidence. 

Dott. Nicola Celli, Blue BI.

“SMART BI”: The value of the integration and automation among Self Analysis, GeoMarketing and Predictive.

Ing. Marco Bagalini, Angelini

Marketing intelligence: the value of the data.

Dott. Vincenzo Cutrona, Abbott.


The event has been organized in collaboration with: