Industrial Internet of Things: a case of Predictive Maintenance

At an important manufacturer of industrial equipments, Blue BI has realized a cutting-edge system of Predictive Maintenance, that combines together the themes of Internet of Things, Predictive Analysis and Big Data.

SAP_Smart_deviceInternet of Things

The case is about the need of a real-time connecting, monitoring and controlling of the operation data generated from on-board sensors of a worldwide installed base of industrial equipments.


SAP_Monitor_multi_screens Predictive Analysis

On the collected data, stored in a specific high-performance Datawarehouse, some statistical models have been developed to describe the equipment performances, predict future failures and optimize the maintenance activities.


Big DSAP Database_technologyata 

The appliances object of control produce a very high number of transactions which have requested a specific IT infrastructure allowing the extraction and loading of big amount of data, and at the same time having available in-memory capabilities to ensure high  performance computing.


The IT infrastructure has been based on SAP components: HANA (in-memory DB platform), Data Services (ETL tool), Business Objects (front-end for data discover & visualization), Predictive and “R” language.

This sample application of IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) has allowed the customer to improve the whole after sales processes, saving on time & material costs and enhancing the customer service quality.