Blue BI at the conference “STRATEGIC DATA SCIENCE: TIME TO GROW UP!” Of the Milan Polytechnic Observatory

For several years, Blue BI has been the sponsor of the Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence of the Milan Polytechnic Observatory.

The Observatory wants to monitor the strategic value that the Analytics methodologies perform in companies, estimating the market and indicating success cases.

So today we could not miss the conference “STRATEGIC DATA SCIENCE: TIME TO GROW UP!”, Where the results of Research 2019 were presented, which examined the design, technology and organizational choices of companies in the Analytics field, identifying the main trends that are placed at the innovation frontier, such as, for example, machine learning and data monetization.

The 2019 research of the Observatory, now in its twelfth year, involved 654 CEOs responsible for Analytics and IT managers.

Blue BI has long followed the indications that emerge from the Conference, making it the key feature of the solutions it offers its customers and the market.