Blue BI event for the Life Sciences Industry

Blue BI will organise an important event next thursday 8th of june in Milan, entitled: “BIG DATA AND ANALYTICS  TO SUPPORT THE MARKET ACCESS AND THE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT IN THE LIFE SCIENCES INDUSTRY” where will be illustrated, with case and project histories, how Big Data and Analytics may support the digital innovation and improve the value generation whithin the Life Sciences Industry.



The access to great volumes of data and their analysis through analytical technologies offer today to the companies of the Life Sciences sector an important and by now essential opportunity to improve his/her own processes of development products, access to the market and marketing.

From years busy in consultation and realization systematize of Business Intelligence & Analytics near important firms of the sector, Blue BI has decided to organize a moment of meeting and comparison on as the new digital technologies impacting on the pharmaceutical companies and medical tools.

During the event will be illustrated in fact the way with which Big Data and Analytics can be exploited and in what aspired, providing a panning on methodologies, tools, application examples and bringing the testimony of cases concrete project introduced by two important pharmaceutical firms, Abbot and Angelini.

The event will be organized in collaboration with:


S.A.V.E. – Studi Analisi Valutazioni Economiche     (



For more information on the contents of the event and to record, click here.