Blue BI is sponsoring the “Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Observatory” of the Politecnico university of Milan

Blue BI is sponsoring the new edition of the Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Observatory of the Politecnico of MIlan.



The observatory (Polimi Observatory), whose search has reached the fifth edition, intends to underline the strategic value that the methodologies of Business Intelligence and Big Date Analytics develop in the enterprises and it is a point of permanent reference for the decisions maker so that can exploit the innovative potential of these new technologies.

Blue BI turns to the innovative aspects of the Business Intelligence for a long time; for such motive it  has decided to bring own contribution of competences and knowledge of the market and to the meantime to deepen its evolution in terms of:

  • value of the market and state of diffusion of the solutions of Big Data & Analytics;
  • Organizational models adopted in the management of the Big Data;
  • Diffusion and the evolution of the competences for the management of the Date Science;
  • Models and technologies to develop planning in different sectors and application circles;

The Search of the observatory founds it on an empirical analysis that, through survey and case study, involves over 800 actors, among which Responsible of the Informative Systems, Responsible Digital and Innovation, Responsible of the Analytics and Executive of business life, Public Administrations and with the involvement of the principal players of the market for the supply, among which Blue BI.

In this year the search of it will develop through the realization of 5 thematic workshops to closed-door with representatives of the offer and the question, understood to promote the comparison and the debate on themes of Big Date Analytics & Business Intelligence.

The results of the Search will be introduced in the anticipated conclusive event for November 2017.