Blue BI to the conference “Big Data: Fast & Smart” of the observatory of the Polytechnic in Milan

Blue BI Blue BI is Sponsor of the observatory of the Polytechnic in Milan and in the opportunity of the conference “Big Data: Fast & Smart”, November 21st 2018, it will participate in the “Parallel Sessions” with an intervention held by Nicola Celli (CEO of Blue BI) by the title:
“GeoMarketing, un contributo non più opzionale”.

During the Conference the results of the search of the observatory will be introduced besides. It’s an occasion not to lose for making the point on the state of the art of a theme that we daily meet.
L’evento si terrà il:

November 21st 2018
Near the classroom Carassa-Dadda, building BL.28,
via Lambruschini 4, campus Bovisa – 20156 Milano.

It is possible to record him to the event to the following link, the admission is free.