Performance Management in the Life Sciences industry

Measure the strategy effectiveness in the pharmaceutical industry through the competences and solutions of Blue BI. Learn how it is possible to adopt “Analytics” tools to drive better decision making and performance management across your organization. 

The global growth of drugs demand and the establishment a new digital interaction channels are some of the challenges that the pharmaceutical industry has today to face in a increasingly complex market, characterised by a constant price pressure , R&D spending increasing and a regulatory environment always in evolution.

In this high competitive scenario, it becomes more and more essential to evaluate the effectiveness of one’s company strategies by means of advanced predictive and performance management tools in each business area: R&D, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Market Communication, Sales Force and others.

To achieve this is necessary to adopt Business Analytics tools and trusting in a industry focused partner like Blue BI, able to help the Life Sciences&Pharma organizations on the typical analytics areas such as:

  R&D / Clinical trials Analysis
 Planning & Forecasting / Sales Analytics
 Multi channel interaction / Social Media Analysis


Blue BI is focused in design, implementation and deployment of Business Intelligence & Analytics systems in several industries, with a specific experience in the pharmaceutical, numbering among its clients some of the most important national and international players.

Our expertise is composed from several distinctive assets:

  • Multi year field work experience, deep knowledge of the industry specific Business Processes and the corresponding analytics reporting needs
  • Several projects implemented in different contexts, among which:
    • Sales Forecast based on time series analysis and regression coefficient application
    • Sales Analysis: internal and external from IMS territory and national data
    • Sales Force Performance
    • Geo Marketing data integration and market research
    • Social media analysis
    • Analytic CRM – Sales Force / Field Force Effectiveness
    • Planning & Controlling
    • Logistics and Production
  • Preconfigured solution BBI x Pharma (Learn more)
  • Mobile Applications
  • Cloud computing services

Blue BI’s customers have been placed in the position to easily discover and share insights and make better decisions, capitalizing the internal information assets, rather than external digital multichannel data, by using innovative technologies for Big Data and “in-memory” computing. All this available on Mobile devices and through Software as a Service/Cloud Computing mode.