Qlik Data Revolution Tour 2019

Nowadays the data and its management are increasingly becoming an asset in constant and rapid growth and of enormous value for companies: every action aimed at enhancing their use has an absolute strategic value.

Bringing out the information that is present in the internal or external data of the company, the latter growing more rapidly in terms of quantity and nature, to allow in-depth analysis and timely decisions, represents the essential step in the Digital Transformation process.

The path that leads to the implementation of a Data Driven Company model, understood as a company that makes knowledge and analysis of data the central point for the strategic review of the business, necessarily passes from the study and implementation of techniques and tools that enhance the ability to explore data and enabling processes in this phase of growth and improvement.

Taking the greatest possible advantage from the investments made, implementing a gradual adoption of Advanced Analytics solutions, is now an increasingly widespread reality.

In this path of growth and, above all, of innovation, it represents a great added value to be able to take advantage of the support of those who, like Blue BI, have been involved in the design of Advanced Analytics solutions matured in many realities and numerous market sectors.

The in-depth knowledge of Business issues, moreover, linked to a consolidated expertise in market-leading techniques and technologies make Blue BI the ideal Partner to undertake and develop the path towards a Data Driven organization.

We could not miss the appointment of the Qlik Data Revolution Tour, which sees Blue BI, also this year, Sponsor of the initiative.

Registration is free but places are limited, you can register HERE to reserve your place.

We are waiting for you on October 22nd in Milan for the Qlik Data Revolution 2019.