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Geomarketing: the case of a strategic choice.

Today, companies are dealing with an incredible amount of data, whose simple collection is no longer sufficient. To get valuable information and increase results, you need to be able to gather all your data and allow each user to explore them according to their needs.

Blue BI presented a video webinar held by our Qlik Hero Andrea Astolfi and our CEO Nicola Celli, with a large following (120 participants and over 30 companies), a case of GeoAnalytics created for a customer operating in the manufacturing sector.

Participating, you have discovered as is possible the decisions and the business strategies to make more effective, as also the communication, promotion, sale and distribution through the implementation of systems of Business Analytics that they exploit not the use of the cartographic dimension as mere presentation, but as analytical motor thanks to functions as isometriche, isodistanze to appraise and to optimize, trials, space and territory thanks also to segmentations or useful demografic clustering.

If you want to review the video and read the post-event interview, click here.

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