The SAPIO Group operates in the Italian and international markets of the medical and industrial gas sector. Through the dedicated company SAPIO, the group is the leader in the development, production and trade of gas, special blends, innovative technologies and integrated services in the industrial field, while for the healthcare sector – public or private- produces  medicinal gas and provides home care services with SAPIO LIFE.

SAPIO is also active in the biotech sector with the company BIOREP, able to provide as third party services for cryopreservation of biologic materials and clinical trials management.

Production units, sales subsidiaries and a network of over 50 controlled companies, assure a widespread presence of the SAPIO Group all over Italy and abroad in France, germany, Slovenia and Turkey.

Within the extension of its Enterprise Data Warehouse, SAPIO has required to integrate some sister companies that were not using the ERP legacy system. Blue BI has implemented the ETL procedures to integrate the new data sources in the existing model.